A Simple Year Reading

A Simple Year Reading


This is a 3 card reading to help set your intentions for the year ahead. You will walk away with a picture of where you are presently, what you are bringing into the new year, and what areas you can focus on for growth.


How to get your reading

  • Please fill up the form included when you purchase a reading.

  • A confirmation email will be sent to you within 48 hours.

  • Readings will be delivered on the Full Moon day of 23rd of December.


What you receive

  • A link to a PDF file or an audio recording of your reading

  • A photo of your tarot spread

  • Good vibes

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About my readings

My tarot practice is rooted in self-reflection and discovery. Therefore, my readings are used for guidance and insight, helping you come to decisions and conclusions on your own. Consulting the cards are less about fortune-telling, and more about understanding the energies that surround you. Readings are meant to be supportive and empowering; never about instilling fear and helplessness.

On that note, if you feel that you may need more support, such as having health concerns, abuse, financial difficulties, and legal problems, I highly recommend seeking medical, psychological, financial and legal advice from professionals. While tarot readings can be enriching, it should never be used as a substitute for professional help. Please know that you have a responsibility to your well-being and your actions, and I desire for you to act and decide with your best intentions in mind.