Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

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Need a bit o' guidance?

A tarot reading is a good place to start. It can help make sense of what's going on beneath the surface. Think of tarot as another tool in your decision-making arsenal, another friend you turn to for advice, or another point of view to consider.

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Birthdays are pretty special. As well as the turn of the new year. This is great to help set you up for the next 12 months and the energy you need to be focusing on during this time.


Making a decision about the important things in life, such as a job or a relationship, could make you stop dead on your tracks. This is great for those moments so you can get from thinking to doing.


Sometimes you don't need a problem or a dilemma to ask for a reading. This is great for when you're chugging along nicely in life and just need a bit of assurance that you're on the right track.