Need a bit o' guidance?

A tarot reading is a good place to start. It can help make sense of what's going on beneath the surface. Think of tarot as another tool in your decision-making arsenal, another friend you turn to for advice, or another point of view to consider.


Type of Readings


Birthdays are pretty special. As well as the turn of the new year. This reading is great to help set you up for the next 12 months and the energy you need to be focusing on during this time. Normally a 12-card spread or more.


Making a decision about the important things in life, such as a job or a relationship, could stop you dead on your tracks. This reading is great for those moments to help get you from thinking to doing. Could be a 3-card to 9-card spread, depending on the situation.


Sometimes you don't need a problem or a dilemma to ask for a reading. This reading is great for when you're chugging along nicely in life and just need a bit of assurance that you're on the right track. Quick and easy, anywhere from 1-card to 3-card spreads.

Kind words from people

"Thank you very much for this. It has been very insightful and accurate." - C. 
"You're really spot on and really in tune. I guess that comes from being balanced and spiritually balanced. Yes, everything rung true. Right up to the very end. It really was a great reading." - D.
"Holy sh*t. It's very accurate. Spot on. I've went for these tarot card readings before and this is by far the only one that is very specific, detailed, clear and true!" - A.
"Sweet – you are right about this reading giving me a little nod. And I also got slight goosebumps when you ended with 'slow and steady wins the race'. Thanks so much!!!" - M.
"I think I was still uncertain before I read this, although I did know which way I would eventually go. It's really helped give me an insight away from the whole situation and on a more logical and rational standpoint." - L.

Ready to Book Your Reading?

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  1. Fill up the form.
  2. A confirmation email + payment details will be sent out within 48 hours.
  3. You will receive your reading within 7 days from the date of payment.


  • A link to a PDF file of your reading
  • A photo of your tarot spread
  • Good vibes



  • Readings are all about you. I won't read for anyone but you; not even your boyfriend/girlfriend.

  • If you have health concerns, financial difficulties, and legal problems, I recommend seeking medical, psychological, financial and legal advice from professionals.

  • Readings are used for guidance and insight. The decisions and the conclusions are yours alone. Therefore you are responsible for actions and events that may take place following my reading.

  • Readings are for people above the age of 18. Sorry, no minors allowed.

  • Readings are delivered by email only. 

  • Readings may be delayed and I will inform you about it as soon as possible. You may choose to postpone or opt for a full refund.

  • I reserve my right to refuse a reading, for various reasons. If payment has already been made, I will offer a full refund.