Why did I write this?

Simple. The easiest way to find our people is letting them know what frequency we operate on. Well, lucky you. Here's mine.



Always ask questions

It's okay to ask questions and there's nothing wrong if you don't know. The moment you think you know everything, you know nothing. Never stop learning.

Laugh a lot

Don't take yourself too seriously, it'll give you wrinkles. But you know what, the sexiest and most beautiful wrinkles are laugh lines. There's more to life than getting everything perfect because we know all too well that nothing ever does (read: Murphy's Law) so lighten up and learn to see the humor in everything.

Daydream often

Never lose sight of what makes your heart flutter. Daydreaming makes bad days good, and good days great. Don't stay in your head too long so learn to put every daydream into reality.

Regret nothing

Stand by your decisions. Regrets are born out of people who can't take responsibility on their decisions. There will always be mistakes and wish-I-should-haves, but you learn your lesson. Regrets mean you live by the notion that you can change the past; you can't. Take your lessons and move on.

Enjoy the ride

Much of our problems in life is built on the idea that we can control things and people. Let go of that. Know that we're not meant to have everything and we're not meant to be around the same people all the time. Life is a river; things and people come and go like the current.