Hello, I'm Niki.

Currently in Singapore by way of Manila (where I was born and raised). I landed here in 2008 when I came for a two-week holiday and stayed for a job. I called my Mom and told her, “Guess what? I’m not coming home!”

My background is in communications and PR, but I work in the technology space. Sometimes people like me can feel like we don’t fit into a data-driven, digital world. Our strength is with words and people over numbers and products. If you’re like me, I want you to feel excited about your own possibilities.

Our industry needs people like us: people with arts and communications backgrounds  who geek out over tech and digital marketing. We know we need to develop products around what the people want. Our gift is bringing consumers into the conversation, and listening to them.

Notoriously Curious is my contribution to an ever-evolving industry: a picture of my experience as a communicator navigating the realm of tech.

It’s a connection point for right brain thinkers who are trying to fit in—and stand out—in a stereotypically left-brained industry. It’s a place for creative, driven people who are trying to grow in their careers and be better adults.

Why Notoriously Curious?

I’m known among my friends for being a deep thinker who loves personal development. I’m always working on a new area of self-improvement. I really value continuous learning.

I want everyone to share my sense of wonder about the world, and have a sense of wonder about themselves.

When you’re as curious as I am, it’s easy to get scattered by the unlimited opportunities for learning. Notoriously Curious is a way for me to focus my thinking so I can share it with you. It’s a grounding place in an infinitely complex online universe.

If you’re curious too—about how to grow personally, make a splash in your industry, or just keep exploring your own possibilities—this blog is for you.