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Since we're all new around here let me be honest with you. I’m scared.

Yes, you read right. I'm scared of this new beginning even though it also excites me all the way to my bones. And if you told me to jump out of a plane, step on hot coals, run with lions or swim with sharks, I'd rather do any of those things than this – this beginning. Starting something that makes me feel at home in my core is scary. It's scarier than all of the monsters and demons that Stephen King dreams up in his novels. Why? Because I'm scared of all the possibilities that this beginning presents me.

Yet that's exactly why I'm here. There are others out there, maybe even you, who's afraid to begin anew. I have read stories of amazing people who quit their corporate gigs to start a tarot business, travel for a year, teach yoga, run their own design studio, create their jewellery line and write full time. Their stories are still being written and they're building their dream life one piece of block at a time but what ties all of them together is that they started somewhere. They took the idea that’s floating around in their heads and put it out into the world. It could have begun as low key as doing free tarot readings for friends, booking a plane ticket, practicing sun salutations daily, working on their own website design, crafting jewellery pieces for friends, and sending out a query letter to an editor.

Starting sounds so easy, doesn’t it? But even just the idea makes the hair at the back of my neck stand up. Starting something means opening up to the possibility of failure and I think that's what I'm most scared about. I found out the hard way that the road to success is paved with failure. It feels like a big joke but there's no way around it. All these years I wanted a safe path to success where it's smooth sailing but that's never going to happen.

So I begin Notoriously Curious with the knowledge that I'm still learning all this. I’m still exploring. And I’m still creating, piece by little piece, my story.

But I want you to know, if you're itching to start that project that's been brewing in your head for months or years (oh boy!) there's a safe place for you here. Chances are you’re passionate about many things just like me, which means you'll find yourself wanting to start something, not just once but many many times. It can get overwhelming, it can feel delirious, and all the shadows will come out to try and quench your fire.

But right now we're standing at the edge of the cliff with the sun beating down our necks. The air is thick with salt and the wind slaps against our faces as we look down at the cool, blue waters. I can't say there are no sharks down there or that you should at least know how to swim. But hey, if you jump, I jump.

So what's it going to be? What are you afraid of starting? What kind of support do you need to embark on this journey? Tell me in the comments and we can get cracking.

by Amber Stanton (this beautiful piece also had to begin somewhere, click on the image to see her process from start to finish)

by Amber Stanton (this beautiful piece also had to begin somewhere, click on the image to see her process from start to finish)