Singing In The Rain: A Review

Singing In The Rain: A Review

Do yourself a favor and book seats to Singing in the Rain.

In the back of my head, I’m picturing a conversation that goes…

“What if we make it rain on stage?”

“YES! That’s brilliant. Let’s make it happen.”

And so goes my love affair of Singing in the Rain, the theatre production that’s going to take Singapore by storm, if it hasn’t already.


Puns aside, it is this idea that someone was crazy enough to make it rain on stage that really got my heart on fire. I love stuff like this. I just knew right then that it was going to be an entertaining musical to watch. And you know what, it absolutely delivered. If you were in the same show as I were in when I watched it, you’d have probably seen me beaming from ear to ear like a mofo.

Although I’m not quite sure if someone who hasn’t seen the movie, would be just as thrilled as I was. I’m obviously coming to the show with many nights and early mornings spent watching Singing in the Rain. It’s one of my favorite movies. But so far, I think they, Lunchbox Theatrical Productions, did a pretty spot-on job remaking it on stage. Coughsrealraincoughs

So I’m going to review this like a slam book. More fun that way. If you're not familiar with the story, here's a plot summary you can read.

Let's go!

Favorite Character // Taryn Lee-Hudson did an amazing performance as Lina Lamont. Doing that voice was a feat in itself but to sing with that voice? Dedication. I don’t know how she made it possible for her to sound horrible but also good at the same time. In all honesty though, Lina Lamont is just a misunderstood little brat. She may be the antagonist of this show but she made everything so much more funnier.


Favorite Performance // If I must choose one I’d definitely go with the part where Don Lockwood performs Singing in the Rain. On entertainment value, the rain made it such a delight to watch. Not to mention the squeals I gave whenever they splashed the people sitting on the front row seats. Plastic ponchos coming out everywhere!

But I’d have to say the performance of Good Morning is a close second. I just love that song. Also, the group performance where they're all wearing colorful costumes and there were neon signs everywhere. I forgot what song it was but it was a sight to behold.

Favorite Scene // I love those with Lina Lamont and where it overlaps with them starting to use technology to create talking movies. To be more specific, I love the part where Lina gets fitted with a mic and she’s been tasked to “speak towards” the mic and all sorts of funny mishaps ensue. Of course, who doesn’t love the movie preview where the mic pics up on every sound (like the necklace) and when the audio and video becomes out of sync.

Favorite Dance Number // Definitely Moses Supposes. Seeing that tall actor who plays the speech trainer was a ruckus. Made me want to start tap tap tap dancing.

Favorite "Aww" Moment // Lina Lamont's performance of What's Wrong With Me. You realize that despite all that beauty and fame, she's insecure and needs external validation to feel worthy. What a sad state to be in.

I could go on and on but I think you better go watch it yourself. Anyway, thanks to Base Entertainment Asia for allowing me see this wonderful gem of a performance. I would have gladly paid for the tickets. It's worth it.

Singing in the Rain will be playing at the Grand Theatre of the MasterCard Theatre at Marina Bay Sands till 2 August 2015. 

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