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August Break 2014

Sometimes I need a little push to exercise my photography eye. This is where I count on Susannah Conway's August Break to help me along the way. Tried a few of these photo-a-day prompts but I have never been as successful in completing them as I have with Susannah's. I think it's her prompts and the timing. There's just something about August, isn't it?

It's been pretty fun looking at the #augustbreak2014 feed on Instagram. I love how it changes to a colour when the day called for 'orange' or seeing the people behind the photos on the day of 'selfies'. Am currently loving the 'in my bag' prompt and looking at the books and e-book readers that people carry around. I have a soft spot for avid readers and it's a great way to see what books out there I can add to my To Read list.

First eight days


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