Stories I Listen to When I Run

Stories I Listen to When I Run

When I started running in 2013, I wasn't listening to any music whenever I headed out to pound the pavement. At first it was because I got dizzy wearing earphones, and then I was training myself to pay more attention to my body so music was a no-go. Can you imagine running a marathon for a few hours without music? I could.

Now, I still don't run with music. Okay fine, I do sometimes, especially when I get obsessed about certain artists. However, I do find myself preferring to listen to something else when I run—audiobooks.

I know I know. I pretty much get a blanket response whenever someone asks, "What do you listen to during your runs?"


"—huh. Interesting..."

In my defense, I'm a voracious reader and this is just one of those things I do to make sure I get a lot of reading done. In fact, I even find myself looking forward to running because I have an audiobook waiting for me.

If you'd like to try it out next time you're out for a run, I suggest you ask yourself these two simple but crucial questions:

  • Have I listened to audiobooks before?
  • What type of audiobook best suits me and my running style?

I cannot highlight enough that audiobooks are on a league of their own. Just like how there are readers and there are non-readers, the same rings true for audiobook listeners. And just because you like books does not automatically make you an audiobook listener, and vice versa.

Then there's also the running portion you have to think about. What you want out of your running will be different from others. If you're running longer distances, however, I find audiobooks are a great companion.

Don't know where to start? Below are some of the audiobooks I've listened to that's worth checking out; if not for the story, then in the storytelling performance.

Note: You'll be able to click the above Amazon links and find an Audible link from there. Sweet! I also want to let you know that these are affiliate links. That means that I get a small commission if you click and make a purchase. I only recommend products and services that I have personally used myself or know to be of high quality. This rings true whether there is an affiliate relationship or not.

How To Be a Voracious Reader

How To Be a Voracious Reader