Hello, I'm Niki.

I'm the head instigator for Notoriously Curious. This place is where I let curiosity run wild and imagination run free. 

I believe that we can mix up everything that excites us. Life's too short to cut ourselves short. If you know what I mean. For me, my week looks like a mixed bag of everything I enjoy doing: reading, writing, stand up paddling, swimming, running, yoga, skateboarding and circuit training. I'm also learning Korean and hope to be proficient in it as soon as possible. 네~ 정말 한국어 말하고 싶어요.

If that sounds like your kind of jam. Hoorah! We've found each other. That is rare, yo! I believe — also because it takes one to know one — that notoriously curious people love freely, wildly and without bias. We are lionhearted and free-spirited. We're also known to ignore boundaries, buck conventions and fully embrace authenticity. There's just no other way to live life! Am I right?

How to tell if you're ONE oF US

You're Notoriously Curious if

...you embrace the full spectrum of life. You let curiosity guide your path. You use it as your energy source for a life of adventure. Your notoriety comes from pushing boundaries and expanding your worldview beyond your comfort zones.

...you find life as a dizzying state that is all at once exhilarating, humbling and liberating. Curiosity can sometimes make you feel like you're going mad. And rightly so, because you have to be a little bit crazy to find the genius. 

...you believe in exploring your inner self and the world around you. You know there is no other way to live life. Knowing more about yourself means you are more capable of understanding the world around you.

Me in a Nutshell

Although My Philosophy does a bang up job at it too. Be sure to check it out.

I spend my days...

  • reading lots of books
  • stand up paddling
  • swimming
  • practicing yoga
  • skateboarding / balance boarding
  • running with my crew: Run Nerds Run
  • learning Korean

I explore...

  • helping clients communicate better
  • staying motivated and constantly inspired
  • switching gears and starting over
  • being adventurous and open-minded
  • learning, learning, and learning always